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    „When one door closes, another one opens“ – Take it as a chance!
     Do you need a professional by your side as you transition to the next stage of your career? You don’t want to just settle for any job. And that’s why it’s my mission to find you a role that will bring you joy and allow you to thrive.

    As a career coach and outplacement consultant, I’ve been helping my clients successfully change career paths for 20 years now. It’s all about looking ahead and making a plan for the future.

    My recipe for success
    I work my magic on what you’ve already got so you can present: your skills, strengths and qualifications to potential employers in the best possible light and shine brighter than the other candidates.

    You can rest assured that I tailor my outplacement concept to the specific requirements of every individual specialist and executive I work with. My intensive programme covers every step from leaving your previous job to signing a new employment contract or setting up on your own.

    Our entire journey together is based on trust and mutual respect in all our communications.

    As a trained European Business Coach with a background in languages, I am able to offer consultancy services in both German and English.

    I have built up an extensive network of companies and recruitment agencies covering a wide range of sectors in and around Baden Wuerttemberg.


    Career change advice 100%
    Revision of CV, skills profile, XING/LinkedIn profiles 100%
    Application strategy, ideal roles and target groups 100%
    Interview training (for phone/online video/in-person interviews) 90%
    Individual analysis of strengths, preparing a performance record 90%
    Your success story and professional and personal goals 90%
    Cover letter writing under consideration of AI 90%
    Placement assistance and vacancy search supported by research team 80%
    Onboarding and support during the probation period 70%

    Why Manuela Kabus ?

    With so many years of experience behind me, I know exactly what it takes to get you the job of your dreams.

    My clients appreciate my sharp focus and clear sensitivity when it comes to applying work and life strategies that line up with their specific wishes and needs every time. My Research Team will also be on hand to set up exciting opportunities that match your profile.

    Proven methods
    I am committed to ongoing professional development so I can stay on top of the latest tools and processes required to navigate the AI-supported applicant software channels. Let’s focus on achieving our shared goal of securing you a face-to-face interview!


    Client, aged 53, Head of Marketing & Communications:
    „Ms Kabus prepared me really well for the new challenge ahead by helping me to compile my application documents, perfect how I come across during interviews, identify my strengths and accept my weaknesses, which can often be turned around and viewed as strengths instead.

    Ms Kabus is open and honest, kind and sincere. But she also works with such focus and intensity. The advice she gave me worked wonders for my personal development and I’m still applying it now. I’m so grateful to her for all her help in getting me on the right path and excited that my career is back on track.”

    Client, aged 45, Head of PMO EMEA for a medical technology company:
    “I got to know and appreciate Mrs. Kabus during the course of an outplacement a couple of years ago. She’s a very focused person who helped with her professional and structured method, enriched with her great empathy. Her style was very focused on my personal situation and needs. I enjoyed working with her, the time was really an asset for my future development.”

    Client, aged 36, Development Engineer, Consumer Electronic:
    “I had been working as a development engineer for a number of years until the company underwent restructuring. I was told that several positions were being removed and that I was going to be affected by the changes. Believe me when I say it was a complete shock. I was not prepared in the slightest. If it had been down to me alone, I would have never pushed myself out of my comfort zone and left that old job.

    In a stroke of good luck, I met Ms Kabus. During a one-on-one consultation, she asked me all about my wants and needs. I needed help compiling my application documents and discovering what it was I actually wanted to do going forward, and what my next steps would need to be to make that happen. And I couldn’t have done all that without Ms Kabus by my side. I was more than happy with her advice and assistance. She promised me that I would have a new-found level of confidence by the time I was ready to start my new job. She wasn’t wrong there!”

    Where and how does she provides consulting services?

    In person in Böblingen near Stuttgart and in Zurich, Basel and Aarau in Switzerland
    Over the phone and online
    On site at businesses in Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland

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